Looking for WIX look alike template for Wordpress

Does someone knows a Wordpress theme which look close as possible to the following Wix theme:

Thank you!


We have this “similar” theme - https://themeforest.net/item/kapena-minimal-portfolio-wordpress-theme/21675396

And with just 2 lines of CSS code you can get something like this:

On print above, images are not aligned because they are not the same size - if you will use all images to be same size, then they will be aligned.

Thank you.

But the single project does not have the “image run over header” effect like in here:

No, don’t have example like that.

Good luck with finding the theme!


You can make such site with Enfold template.

Hi Zaccc,
Do you have experience with Enfold theme?
Can make my site look like the WIX site out of the box without CSS?


I have made about 20 sites with Enfold.
I can’t make that is 100% same without CSS.

It can be similar.

Maybe you would suit these themes:

Also, I like Mobirise’s theme, no sure if you need it but I think that it suits properly: https://mobirise.com/extensions/tastem4/?utm_source=extension_list&utm_medium=program&utm_campaign=win_4.10.1