Looking for Webdeveloper/Designer Who can help Build this Website?

Dear Community.
I am looking for an Exeperience Web Developer & Designer who can help me build a website just like this one. I am particularly interested in having a developer get our Portfolio Items to look just like these ones on this page: http://www.marieforleo.com/success-stories/

I am currently using Salient Theme and really like it, and I am trying to bend & twist it into a website like this one.

Can anyone who is experienced help me with this?

Many thanks



I am interested on this… email me here: markabucayon[at]gmail[dot]com
I also send you a private message…


I reviewed your provided website for inspiration from visual-end to backend, basically they use custom made wordpress theme, and in your case you like salient theme to adapt that kind of design, yeah its possible but it require some level of customization, Well here i’m in this marketplace from 5years providing my freelance services too, If you have a good budget for your website then contact me for more details at: abdullah.media@gmail.com


Hello there,

You can also check my portfolio from the links below:


Let me know if you’re interested in : gmail(at)moskvayigit.com

You can contact me on skype “wow_themes” :slight_smile: , I am available for this job.