Looking for someone to help build Keynote/PowerPoint


Hi all,

I’m looking for someone that knows their way around both Keynote and PowerPoint, and possibly Google Slides to help with template builds. (just build at the moment)

Please let me know your hourly rates.
I can provide more detail if needed, via email.



Anyone? :slight_smile:


I would works with you but I know use power point and illustrator also, I not know If I can help with u because I not have my portfolio power point sell :frowning:

if you need speak with me: my skype is jerithemes



Hi & thanks for the reply.
Are you experienced in using Keynote? Really looking for someone who knows the application well.



Yes but I like more power point. I have windows 10


No worries, I’m ideally looking for someone that can use both applications. Keynote is more of a priority for me at the moment however.

If interested, please email me your hourly rate.
(You can email via the form on my profile page http://graphicriver.net/user/dmxdesign )



I already submit your profile email :slight_smile:



HI David, u should browse around and notice someone that is either a good seller and mainly focusing on presentations , this is better to learn from experts, especially when u like their styles and know they have a real proficiency :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea, thanks!


you are welcome :slight_smile: