Looking for someone to code a couple of thing in WP theme I bought

I’m looking for someone to code a couple of thing in a theme I bought from themegoods, “photography”.
On thing is probably simple, on the proffing galleries the number that is on the photo is not the file number, I’d like it to be the file number.

The second is a bit tougher.

I need to have folders in media,
Upload CSV file with names
Script to match names to folders and photos,
Make galleries of folders as proofing galleries password protected randomize last name

Make clients from galleries

Export text of client web address and password And email.

That might not make sense, but ask me some questions and I hope I can answer them.

How much and how long?


We can discuss the details if you could contact me via the link below: https://themeforest.net/user/ki-themes#contact