Looking for someone to be my personal YouTube artist for Intro/Outro/Banner/Profile

You have to be good don’t charge stupidly high money for it only paying up to $50 Canadian which is a fair good amount of money if I do so think myself and fianlly has to be good like 1080p HD resolution you can contact me via email at johnnesom1@gmail.com thanks. Sincerally John nesom

Why you don’t save that money and save as your story and make all yourself.

Cause I make little over $600 a week so ya

You are working on McDonald’s or…?

Full time construction worker only work Monday to Friday.

Hi, can you tell, 50usd is /week or for what time. And what perdon should do for this money, day, by day?

You might get somebody to customise an intro template that you’ve purchased from VideoHive for $50, but a custom intro would be very unlikely. Add to that the outro, banner and profile, and it’s unlikely you’re going to get many takers for such a small amount. If you do, then there’s probably a good reason for that.