Looking for someone for graphics/logo and few things on website and youtube

I am looking for someone to work on a custom logo and possibly some video work for my website and you tube channel. I have not made up my mind yet on what I am going to do or what options I have. I am building a site for movie trailers. Want something professional and 3-d possibly. Looking for someone creative and to form a business relationship with for future work. (not partnership) I of course will pay but as I said not really sure what direction to go into I am on a budget but also have a gaming website that will be going in the future as this one is complete.


I am interested in working with you I am not new at freelace I have made a lot of logo for many clients and my rate is 5 stars at freelancer

here is some of my designs:


you can add me on skype: sangool

or email me ate: sangaloma@gmail.com

Hey and thank you for the response. The website I am working on is themovieviews.com If you could have a look and lets toss around some ideas and prices. Your work looks very good and professional. I will be away until tomorrow but once I return I would love to see what we can do. Thank you


Feel free to contact me for further discussion, hello [at] drawvisuals.com

My latest works:



http://petewar.github.io/projects/untold (in progress)