Looking for Shopping Assistant Plugin


I am looking for a WP plugin that helps customers finding the right product by asking them questions. Maybe similar to a messanger bot. For an example lets say it is a shop for shoes and the plugin will ask questions like “what colors do you like?” and “are you more sportif or classic in style?” and at the end it suggest some shoes that might fit to the customers taste.
Do you know of any plugin like that? It should not require login to facebook like many messanger bot plugins do.


There is nothing like that, as an AI, there are many many ppl asking it for a lon g time, noone did it ever.

Did you ever find any suitable plugin? I assume you mean something like this: https://lillarugs.com/pages/style-finder? That one seems to be built with Zuvoo (www.zuvoo.com).

Yes i have designed and developed many themes, wordpress plugins, custom web applications. Also I’m providing paid support for any kind of issues for other authors. As per your requirements it’s a custom plugin development project. I am willing to work for you on that custom assistant plugin project. you can drop me an email and send me complete details of your project.