Looking for lite Search Bar to "live" filter images within a gallery based on Caption text

Hello all - Basically what I am looking for is a very lite plugin that can “live” filter searches on a page that contains only an image gallery with captions. The search would be based solely on the captions, since that is the only text on the page. The application is this: I have a roster of images of people in a media gallery that is displayed in random order (for varying reasons) and at the top of the page I’d like for somebody to just come and type in a name to easily find somebody on our team, either jumping down to the appropriate person or eliminating the other thumbnails, thus leaving the only applicable one remaining.

I’m open to suggestions for workarounds. Please do not say CTRL + F, we’re building this so any idiot can use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorting base on image captions, will require a custom solution, if you are willing to have it created, do let me know so I can create that feature for you.
You can reach me on my profile page ( form ) https://themeforest.net/user/moosethemes