Looking for Health Care Events Theme

I need to create a Doctors Events website. Where the user (patient) will search doctors related to his illness/condition and book and appointment for the events day/s, via filling a form which will send to the doctor and the event manager. If the doctor approves and accepts the appointment booking, the event manager will be informed of this fixtures.
For this I need a medical theme with related plugins like Doctor Profile listing, Appointment Booking.

Please guide on which parts can be covered separately, if the theme doesnt include listing and booking plugins.

Our Event theme may fit your needs:

Thanks for the reply, Liked the theme already, But I need to add Doctor Listings feature/plugin, For the users to select the Doctors and take appointments.
Similar to these links:

Mostly similar to :https://www.manipalinternationalpatientcare.com/best-doctors
So if your can suggest any plugin to support the mentioned requirement that integrated best with your theme.