Looking for event/conference plugin or theme

I have reviewed countless plugins/themes for conferences, and I have yet to find one with all these features:

  1. Multi day event
  2. Some courses offered more than once, more than one day
  3. Presenters linked to (potentially multiple) courses
  4. Courses linked to (potentially multiple) presenters
  5. Schedule created on the fly (preferably linked, but not mandatory)
  6. fully responsive site

An example of a working site (Drupal) with the funcationality we are looking for can be found here www.siwc.ca

We want to develop in WordPress.The closest I have found is PressEvent - Event Management Theme which has almost all the features, except the speakers/presenters pages do not automatically list their presentations/courses.


We can edit this theme for you. Let me know your thoughts you can send me email @ thephotontechnologies@gmail.com