Looking for Church template

I’m a newbie and just downloaded Avada, but I can’t find the Church theme that has the look of what I want my website to mimic. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Take a look on this page there are lots of church wordpress theme



For doing this job you can hire a freelancer from https://studio.envato.com/ who will customize the Avada theme as your requirements to make a Church website. If you want really a theme for only features for Church then spend some time to find out using search and sorting from this page


Thank you all for your replies. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear, but I’m not interested in a website for churches, but one that has the layout of this one (Avada Church Theme. It is prominently shown among the layouts when the suggest you Buy Avada now!

This is AVADA support: Here
They would like to assist you.