Looking for appropriate WordPress review plugin


Hi all,

I’ve been looking around the WordPress plugins but I seem to be getting a little confused, so I thought I’d post something here to see if I can get some recommendations.

I am looking for a review plugin for WordPress that would be suitable for a movie review site. I would prefer one that integrates into the existing Posts functionality in WordPress. I need a plugin that is able to hold the review and the score, however I also need something that can handle certain metadata, such as release date, runtime, genres, list of actors, certification, directors, writers and various RRP so something that allows me to add custom fields that I can stick into a widget is required. It also needs to be user friendly, in that the people writing the reviews won’t necessarily be tech- or WordPress-savvy so it needs to be something that can be easily used by anoyone.

Has anybody done something similar to this and if so what plugins would you recommed?


Hello :smiley:

Perhaps one of these WordPress review plugins will work for you:

These ones are PHP