Looking for an WooCommerce based theme with audio preview

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good Wordpress theme that will display WooCommerce products with a little audio preview. I know I can display audio previews on the single product pages, but I’m struggling to find many themes that have built in a little preview button in the product lists/archives.

I’d be streaming a demo from a cloud based service / AWS, not from the web server.

Vonzot is one that I’ve found: https://themeforest.net/item/vonzot-music-oriented-woocommerce-theme/22562750 - I’m wondering if anyone can point me at other options ?


Hi Andy,

Do you have real store examples of how you’d want to function/look? I’m curious because the Vonzot theme has this feature and probably you don’t like something about it (and if so, what exactly).

I’ll update my theme in the near future to support this, but i want to make it really professional.


Another option is to use the WooCommerce theme of your choice, then add the premium WavePlayer plugin (available on CodeCanyon):

According to their docs, you can use WavePlayer with WooCommerce to add an audio preview for your products.

Alternatively, Wbcom Desings has a free WC Audio Preview plugin for WooCommerce, but I personally haven’t used it before and I can’t see when it was last updated.

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