Looking for an Uber / Lyft style theme (WEBSITE)

Basically building an app similar to Uber / Lyft and looking for a similar site theme. Uber’s is simpler than Lyft’s theme and both are obviously custom built, but I’m looking for something similar as a starting point. Thanks!


I think Envato Themeforest have lots of item like Uber

you can check this page & spending sometime to find out your chosen theme


Yeah I searched that, but they’re using the word “uber” and nothing quite like the brand Uber’s minimal black/white design choices. Even if there’s a theme where you just enter a mobile number, i’ll take that lol

I have saw this right now!
You are right they just keep name nothing like Uber site
okay i’m trying to something for you

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Would you like these take a look on this page if find

Can you please share complete details of your theme. I can provide paid solutions. Once you share details and requirements then based on your details i can design and develop a great theme for you.

Get in touch via email and share your complete requirements.

Follow this link I believe you’ll get a suitable one from it

Hey @spicebeatz
Your posted item link items are not related with purchaser requirement.
there is name only uber that themes are not working like uber.


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