Looking for an multi language wordpress

I am looking for a template with the following standard items:

  1. Multi language button (I want to be able to have at least 3 languages with the same design / tmeplate pages, but different languages
  2. Background video at the first page that will be loaded
  3. Responsive voor all mobile devices
  4. Google maps on contact page
  5. Forms voor e-mail
  6. Intergration of Social media fields
  7. Corporate look and feel
  8. If possible SEO prepared

I DON’T search builders or developers who are offering their service. Just searching for an package template where (if possible) everything is inside.

If needed, skip the SEO, I can work that out with plugins and text writer to make landing pages…

Who is able to give me advise and suggestions?


My advice is to hire someone to make such site because you can find template but you will need to use and plugins for multi language.
SEO depends about your content .
You can contact me over PM and I can give you my offer if you put more details about site.


Hi, this theme (and all my themes based on WPTF) have all the 8 features you require.



Hi, check our porfolio, all our themes have multilanguages & responsive & other features you want :wink:

Here is my theme

H! Check out our new template KEO. It’s fully compatible with WPML plugin, responsive and multipurpose. Hope you’ll love it.