Looking for Affter Effect project for my video project.

Hello to You community. My name is Nike Jones. I am the author of Audiojungle. But earlier this summer I started a new project. I created a channel on YouTube and is very active to develop it. I found the masters in needlework, agreed with them. My channel is very much to the audience’s every day, the number of subscribers grows. A month and a half we have already received 50 000 video views and 1,700 new subscribers. In all my videos I only use copyright content. He take, he mounted a video and use always only my own music. I already bought two on Videohive two projects that I liked and adapted them for my project. Now I need a new after effects project. The home page of the channel I want to post a promotional video of the channel. YouTube promo video limits a maximum length of 2 minutes. I want to create a beautiful project , cinematic slide show, which will be used periods of video and photographic materials, as well as the text. Music of course , I’ll use my own. Help to find an interesting project that you can adapt and apply in my industry. If I like Your project, I am ready to buy a license for Videohive. Or you can discuss barter and negotiate the cooperation. My channel is developing very well and in the future I plan on many more purchases after effect projects. Examples of what I’m looking for - https://videohive.net/item/cinematic-slideshow/17382676 https://videohive.net/item/typeface-memories/17284541 . But I have not found and was not identified. I’m open to Your suggestions. Here is an example video from my channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LHh6_a2hVM

Excuse me for my English))