Looking for AE template of exploding text animation

I’m working on a video project. I’m looking for a specific After Effects template (or something similar).

The audio in my video is working up to a climax at the end.
Words will be added to the screen in front of the video playing behind. The words should be added using kinetic text animations. At the end the entire screen will mostly be filled with text (like a word cloud or tag cloud).

At the point of the climax I want the text to explode (as an animation). I want the letters and words to stay intact but I want them to fly outward as if there was an explosion at the center of the word cloud. The words should fly, rotate, etc. One or more of the words should fly toward the viewer as if it is flying past the camera.

I’d really like to find an AE template that would help with this effect. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Take a look here: