Looking for a user vote-up and suggestion Wordpress plugin

I am looking for a wordpress plugin that allows the admin of the site to post questions inside categories and then allow visitors and registered users to vote and suggest new questions.

It’s for a nomination system to be used for a company election and awards

I had a system running in Joomla for many years and it worked great, but I cant use the Joomla verison anymore. The original Joomla component I used was called Beeheard and it was a “clone” of UserVoice at the time. It worked extremly well, but very outdated and just isnt going to work anymore.

basically it needs to work similar to this…

A sample category would be:
“Who do you think should be nominated for the final ballot.”
In the category the admins of the site would add some names of possible canidates…
There would be mulitple categories for “GM of the Year” “Sales Associate of the Year” ect. each with its own set of names.

Visitors or non-registered users are given 1 vote/point to determine they think that peson should be nominated. (up vote)

Registered users are given the ability to suggest new nominees and also assign 10 votes per category that they can distribute amongst the existing canidates of that category as they see fit.
example, I want to give John Smith 5 points and I want to give Fred Jones 5 points or I want to give all 10 points to John ect.
Reg’d users are also able to comment on an entry.

All of the categories and subsequent nominee suggestions are viewable by the public.
Only registered users can assign multiple votes/points, suggest new nominees or comment on nominees.

Once a new suggestion is submitted it is posted on the site in the proper category.

Users are able to report an entry that is duplicate, offensive or inaccurate.
non-reg’d users are blocked from multiple up votes via a cookie or an ip log or something,
Although security isnt a huge factor.

Users are able to go back and login to their account and change their votes/points assignment if they wanted.

Before I go out and start building this manually, does anyone have any suggestions of plugins I should look at that would operate in this fashion?

After all this data is collected we then use the vote/point system and determine who is to be put on the final ballot.
We are using TotalPoll for the final voting and UltimateMember for the user registration, that part is done and works perfectly well. I just need something to collect the nominee suggestions from our community.

Try this https://codecanyon.net/item/bwl-pro-voting-manager/7616885?s_rank=1

Thanks for the reply,
I checked it out, It doesnt immediately appear to have an ability for users to suggest a new question. which is a core feature we need.

unreg’d users can only upvote
reg’d users can upvote, suggest and comment

Depending how integrated you need it that type of functionality should be fairly easy to build as an add on if you can’t find a solution which ticks all requirements out of the box

Have you looked through these? https://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress?term=quiz

Yeah, I figured I would ask the community first for some input on some paid plugins before I set out to build a standalone or custom system. The campaign we do every year is for letting employees, coworkers, friends and family, suggest nominees to appear on a voting ballot for an industry award. The final voting and user registration portion is solid. It was re-built last year on WP, but only after the nomination period in which we used the old Joomla install, we then built a new final ballot system from totalpoll and that portion worked perfectly.

Miwovoice and only a couples couple others are similar in desired function but their demos are terrible looking or non-functional.

I am thinking a slimmed down user feedback suggestion forum or discussion help desk forum could be used a core for this.