Looking for a template

Hello everyone. I work with digital marketing and i have a client who pretends to build a platform to show his entire airplane collection, more than 10.000 pieces with different scales. Does anyone know an ideal template to build this?
Thank you for your help.

WordPress could be the solution if most of the “pieces” are additional items, if they have different products more than 2000+, Magento 2 would be ideal instead

I’m not sure if i understand what you said. What do you mean with additional items?
He has more than 10000 different airplanes miniatures, and for each one, he want insert about 6/8 images of the plane. All planes are different.
Thank you for your help

If he has one product for black color and he has exactly the same but white, this is called “variants” rather than different item. In that case, WooCommerce would be easier to handle the details but all of the 10K items are different, better Magento 2.
( For Magento 2, you may need to spend more money for the server and theme/modifications )