Looking for a specific web theme

Hi, I’m looking for a specific web theme like this website: https://product-selection.grundfos.com 1. Does anyone have or know such a web theme in themeforest? Please let me know. Thanks

Hi, that site is not based on WordPress so you won’t find the exact same theme.

Design-wise it is pretty outdated, so if you really want a design like this, you will have to take a look at very old items which may no longer be supported or work on latest WP version and so this is definitely not recommended.

Function-wise, you almost certainly won’t find anything like this as stuff like this has to be custom-coded. Maybe you will be able to pull something similar with some 3rd party plugins and lot of custom coding work, but in every case you will most likely need a help of very skilled web developer or even whole agency.

Generally, this is not really a type of site which can be created by using some stock themes. It is way too niche for that.

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OK, Thanks for your reply.
Can you help me find a theme for evaluation with points, score and result.

I don’t think you will find a theme like that. Maybe a plugin. Check out plugins at CodeCanyon: