Looking for a sound/effect


I’m actually searching for a sound/effect that we can hear on this video, the one that sounds like “heaven voices” or little spirits high pitched voices at just 3sec, can’t really describe well :

I can’t manage to guess what kind of instrument or sound or voice it is

Does anyone know about it ? I would really appreciate any suggestions!
Thanks a lot!

Try searching ‘angel choir’ in sounds. You will get things like this

If you cant find the sound you need, send me a message and I can make it for you



Thank you for your answer, well I was looking for angel choir too but I’m not actually sure the sound I’m looking for are voices

For you it’s angel choir edited in high pitched ?

Yea, pitched up. One of them also has some kind of bell shaker at the same time as the voice, perhaps that might be one of the elements you would like to add. It’s hard to pin point the exact sound you are talking about but the start of the video is mostly bells/chimes and choir ahh’s pitched up and down.