Looking for a referral system when a particular number is reached makes eligible for gifts.

Looking for a referral system where users can sign up and then refer people for a product with their phone number and name.
If the person accepts it then it will be added to their downline.
If there is an optional SMS or email verification that is their referral is ready to enter an OTP when they are referred then it will be instant validation.
But the referral gets counted only after a sale is closed.
We will be updating that from the backend.
So there can be a product for each referral and for goals like 10 referrals one product or 20 another.
If they redeem it that much will get deducated.

If there is a point system it would also be ideal. So a low number of points of validated referrals regardless of sale being closed.

Is there something like this on codecanyon or something that can achieve the same without any code customization.

I have seen referrals system with payment options. I don’t want any payment options there will be no payments made only a gift that will be mailed to them once they redeem it.


Hi There

I am interested and can deliver excellent results on your requirements

As per your requirements you might don’t get a ready made system or out of the box solution and it will be a complete custom solution which i might have to custom script and code that up for you

Please drop me an email at my envato profile so we may proceed next

Thank you