Looking for a real estate script

I’m looking for a script that has the following features. This will be a real estate listing web portal to buy, sell & rent properties.


  1. Subscription system: Agents have to get subscription to post his/her properties info.

  2. Advance Filter system: It will help the visitors to find out the property that he/she is looking for.

  3. Virtual Tour: There should be a feature which help the visitors to make a virtual tour for any published property to make it realistic.

The script should be given with the source code so that anything is needed to add, modify, can be done by our developer. Beside, we can build custom module for it such as module with local payment system.

If you have any suggestions then please suggest me in the reply section.

There’s lots of property listing scripts and plugins on CodeCanyon which should cover parts of this but the virtual tour element is highly unlikely to be something you will find out of the box.

There are separate tour scripts on there too but how you integrate that could get complicated and why purpose built tech for this stuff exists.

Hi @srsakib

We can help you search and customize the script as per the above-mentioned features. Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion.