Looking for a partner (Web Design)


Hi, community!

I’m looking for a partnership with Web Designer to work on not big joint projects for WordPress (Creative / NonProfit / Blog / Magazine / Wedding categories). I have Elite account.

I can propose 60/40 scheme: your design and my development and support.

If you interested, please mail me your ThemeForest profile and few words to wplab.pro@gmail.com or via my TF profile.

People from Ukraine preferably :slight_smile:


Which district of Ukraine ? :slight_smile:


not only from Ukraine, but preferably :slight_smile:


Any preference of the district also? :slight_smile:


of course, not, i just thought that it would be cool to meet someday to discuss about our projects, but it is not so important :slight_smile:


I’m just saying it because I’m in Kiev at the moment :slight_smile: