Looking for a Partner w/ Coding Skills

Hello guys,

I would like to create truly unique with hi quality design WordPress themes and sell them on my Neverplenty profile. I’m a UI designer, and I would need a partner in crime, a partner that could do the coding. I’m honest and friendly. Send me a message with your Skype username and I’ll get in touch with you, after that we can talk about profit and payments (as I said, I’m an honest guy).

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Hey I was looking for some one like you, but what sort of coding do you need php or html and xml and css ? If you need Html+css you can contact me.

Contact me, my skype id is wow_themes

Hi there, thanks for replying. Well, it’s Wordpress themes, so if you already have experience with Wordpress you know the drill. If you have any other questions please ask.


I just did. Thank you for your interest.

Contact me, my skype: "“themedune”

you can see my profile I have lots of WordPress themes

Sure. Thank you.

Hello, my skype: themeamber

Thank you!

Sure. Thanks.

Lets discuss more.

Skype: rightmentor
mail : rightmetor [@] gmail . com

my skype is david_anastasiadi

contact us on skype @nasir-2525

Interested “waqar_ahmed03”