Looking for a Mobile Phone Simulator plugin for WordPress

Hello All,

I am looking for a WordPress Plugin for Mobile Phone Simulator.

I have tried wp-mobisim but it suddenly stopped working.

I would appreciate if anyone can suggest a similar plugin. I am also open if any freelancer can build it for me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best Regards

Not sure what Mobile Phone Simulator really is and why you need the same. If it is an emulator, you can make limited use of emulators available with Chrome developer tools. If you are looking for something to showcase your app, you may want to check our portfolio - http://themeforest.net/user/livemesh/portfolio for themes like Agile, Appdev and Fusion which feature Smartphone/Tablet Sliders that help showcase your app features/functions.

Hi LiveMesh,

Thanks for your reply. I am basically try to do the following -

  1. Use a Mobile phone simulator to display on the Desktop website the different mobile versions of the websites.

  2. This means the users visiting desktop site will be able to see the phone simulation and can see the mobile website inside the simulation. I have many mobile websites to showcase.

  3. I have used the WP plugin called wp-mobisim which does the same thing. We can create simulators and use shortcodes to insert into any page. Unfortunately this plugin stopped working for me and i dont have any clue on how to fix this. The Author website is also gone bad.

  4. This is the link where you can get an idea about this plugin.

http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/846264-100-free-wordpress-mobile-simulator-plugin-download-now.html .

I would appreciate any help in this regard. Thank you.

Best Regards

I have a version 1.3 of wp-mobisim that does work with the latest version of wordpress.

Hi, please check out our portfolio.
We have a theme which could add unlimited interactive phone devides for showcase web or screen :slight_smile:

You can try using WP AMP for mobile page acceleration. Does your theme have custom mobile view enabled?
You can check how I’ve optimized my mobile website