Looking for a magento developer


I have a incomplete magento site. It is developed 70-80% Need to integrate some plug-ins, configuration and fine-tunings, supporting my fron-eend developer, etc. Please contact me at serhan@atabas.com

Hi. Do you still need help with your Magento site? I represent Mavenecommerce and we can help you with all tasks you mentioned.

Hi,do you need magento developer now?I know a place maybe can help:[www.zoanoc.com/][1]

[1]: http://www.zoranoc.com :grinning:


I started working with an Indian freelancer. I always prefer to work with a corporate partner.
What is your business model?

  • Monthly support package?
  • Hourly fee?
  • Project basis?

Can you give me a quote?
Where is your company located? What is the time difference with Istanbul?

I’m afraid, you are completely right my friend :smile:

Hi. Looks like our manager already answered your questions via email. If you have any additional questions, I’m always here to help.

Hi. Are you still interested in it? I know one qualified company of developers specialized on magento. I suppose that people who have experience working together might be more useful.