Looking for a HORROR After effects template

I am looking for a Horror template for After effects. with text & place holders about 3-4 minutes long in length. The lack of Horror templates especially with Halloween rapidly approaching is mind boggling.
Examples of what I am looking for:

Something Scary,a bit Gritty…I WILL PAY…
Any takers? Thank you!!

Hi! Unfortuantely title templates very rarely reach up all the way to 4 minutes in length. You can however do a few tricks to lengthen any type of project. Either by importing the project within itself and using the compositions from the imported project, in the new project (this tends to get messy fast). Or by using a really sweet script to duplicate comps: https://aescripts.com/true-comp-duplicator/

Here is one of my personal favorite horror titles, good luck!

I do like Cathedral. the color scheme is cool. I am looking for something on the lines with motion tracked text and placeholders and such as well… I used to use Phantazma but he is SUPER busy…Thanks for the info!