Looking for a freelance motion graphic artist

Hi guys

I’m looking for a freelance motion graphic artist to help create a video for a new plugin that we’ve developed.

We have a budget of around 2000 -3000USD.

Artist must be able to create elements from scratch.

Super basic idea is that the plugin UI has to explode into cool looking graphics to show the end user some of the backend workings. Some keywords - high tech, glitch, futuristic. Advanced brief will be sent privately… Since it is a very long read. :slight_smile:

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You can post this job on the freelancers’ website also.

If you are talking about that amount of budget it’s worth looking at www.studio.envato.com

That will give you some degree of protection from envato themselves

@charlie4282 and @marksmith121 Thank you for the reply guys! I’ll check out envato studio