Looking for a file sharing solution... HELP PLEASE! Pretty Please

Hello, Community. I am looking for a tool and or solution in regards to file sharing management. How my current (basic) business structure is set up, clients needs to access files (.zip, .docx, .pdf, etc.) that I want to upload to a secure server and or database. Typically, when a user clicks on a link to ‘download’ a file, it’ll usually open a dialog window asking where the user wants to store the file. Here’s what I want to do: When a user goes to my “site” I want the user to sign in/register. Once the user has registered to my site, I then want to be able to control what the user will see on their download page. Once a user ‘clicks’ on a specific file, I want to display to the user a T&C (terms and conditions) window in which the user much “accept” the terms before accessing the page. Once the user accepts those terms, access to files will then become available for them to download.

This is just a quick brain dump of what I am trying to build. If there is anyone in the community that helps point me in the right direction, I will so thankful as this is something I’ve been hunting down for a while. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out. I will reply to comments ASAP!


The right direction would be if you have some budget, I could just develop one for you. In that case, you can drop me an email (gmail@moskvayigit.com)