Logo template rejected.

Fox Logo Mockup 2|230x500

Could you please give me a feedback why my logo template is rejected?
Thanks guys.!

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hi indeed , u have too main problems with one in my view. One major about style as the concerned not really a very modern and trendy style. Normally most of the logo are more likely to use the pathfinder much and to have shape “subtracted” to a main one. Do not get me wrong this is not bad but this does look really super modern either. For the minor problem, this is that basically your stroke is too thin and not only for this matter does it lack of “impact” but this is also more difficult to see it in very small size, when , here, logos are judged in very small size too …

the typo maybe improved a bit, too, in y view. U have to figure out that here expectations in terms of typo, no matter in which category u are posting, are high and thus , what u have at this stage is a bit flat , lacking slightly originality and font combinations … besides , too tell u how i feel i would turn the tagline to bold so that there is more impact and this is more readable


Thank you a lot @n2n44 for your feedback. This helped a lot & will refer to those suggestions. Glad. :smiley:

u are welcome buddy happy if it could help u :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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