Logo submission requirements - whats the problem here?


Yesterday, I was trying to upload my one click editable logo template, but it get blocked because of not meeting the “submission requirements”. Here is the template:
Can somebody tell me whats wrong and why it got blocked? Is the design bad? To be honest, I’ve seen some really bad templates uploaded on GR…Whats wrong then?

I would gladly appreciate Your help.
Thank You

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Your design is very nice :slight_smile:

Thank You, although I still don’t know what is wrong with it…? Logo with Skype? Maybe I should remove it and replace the “Lineage II” logo as well? With simple text “Game Logo” or such?

I wish they would simply include all necessary infos when rejecting upload :confused:

read Envato’s guidelines about the use of trademarks

Ok, I will try to upload this template without ANY trade marks, I will even remove the “PS” and “AI” icons…
Instead, I will just use a simple text. Lets hope it will solve the issue…

Thank You!