Logo for Music

Can anyonme help with a professional sleek logo for my music project?
I need it to be in the form of WS.


hi what type of music is it all about pls?

portfolio : http://hem1.deviantart.com
E-mail : awim.samir@gmail.com

Thank You


I am interested.
Here is my website: http://snkart.com/
and my dribbble: https://dribbble.com/snk-artwork

Skype: snk-artwork


electronic dance music

thanks, pls check my portfolio here http://n2n44.deviantart.com or https://dribbble.com/n2n44 and if u like my style feel free to contact me to let me know more about what u are looking for , thanks in advance, regards

Please check https://www.pixellion.co Thanks

Hey, count me in. I am one of the top service providers on Envato

I can start brainstorming on your logo idea within 24 / 48 hours and can offer you a very good price on the logo too. Check out my service and portfolio here: http://envatostudio.go2cloud.org/SH1K

Hope to work with you on your project.


I love music even though I am deaftone, lol
here is my website : http://rizal.me/
here is my graphicriver profile : http://graphicriver.net/user/pixellord

Hi guys, had internet troubles,
I have a music logo from a friend etc but now in further need of a media / movie logo for a website.

Please message me with quotes etc