Login Integration: Wordpress with IPB (Invision Power Board)

I have a Wordpress site, and its “community” (blogs, forums) is IPB. I’ve been trying for ages to get the two sections share the same login.

There was an IPB plugin a while back which worked, but whomever made it stopped updating, and has since become impossible to contact. Since then, I haven’t been able to find any means of doing this. I still have the plugin, if you would like to simply take a look at it and see if you can get THAT to work (so you don’t have to start from scratch).

So, basically:

  • The user should be able to click on a [register] button on WP, and be directed to the form on IPB.
  • If the user logs in on IPB, it will show them as logged in on WP.
  • If the user clicks a [log in] button on WP, it will direct them to the IPB login form (which looks nicer). (And, of course, they will be logged in on both softwares).
  • If the user clicks [log out] on either WP or IPB, they will be logged out of both.
  • If the user is logged in, on either WP or IPB, their name will show in a "Welcome back, _____!" message at the top (such as how IPB has it). Clicking their name would take them to their IPB profile.
  • Whatever cookies will be needed for this should not conflict with any of the cookies IPB or WP regularly uses.
  • Users that are currently not registered on both WP and IPB would need to be added to either database, I'm assuming. I can make names permanent for logins, if necessary, no worries.
  • What you provide will also need to work with the other plugins I am using. Most of them are fairly basic. Will provide a list on serious inquiry.
  • I'd require that I can contact you for help in the future, in case something breaks from an update. I'm not an early-adopter on major updates, so I won't bother you very often. I'd also pay for any major work that needs to be done to adapt to an update.

That’s basically it. WP <> IPB login integration.

I have no definite time limit for when this is needed. The site is already up and running: this is just something that we’ve been wanting for a while now.

Send me some links to your work and how much you believe something like this would cost me. I will gladly entertain any reasonable quotes: I’m looking for quality work, and will be able to provide more to someone that does a good job with this.

(If you wanted to use your work for this to sell to others, on this site or on IPB Marketplace [or anywhere else], for example, that’s fine, but please adjust your price accordingly.)

You can contact me here, or at venetia -at- hbgames -dot- org. More specific information on the site itself will only be given via email.

Thank you!

[P.S.: Note that I am well-aware that IPB has a Content add-on. I have it (disabled). It’s not as robust as WP for articles. I am also aware that BuddyPress integrates with WP. But that is not as robust an option for forums/blogs as IPB.]

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