(Locked) Stock Sites Similar to GraphicRiver

Hi all,

I’m currently doing a research for a uni project. I’ve been googling around, looking for sites that offers editable stock templates similar to GraphicRiver for comparison (e.g.: flyers template in PSD, resume layouts in INDD, even presentation files in PPT). Strangely I don’t find many of them. The only result that relevant as a comparison to GraphicRiver is []

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Sites like [] or [] do sell business card or flyer templates as well, but they fall under Vectors category, not dedicated Business Card or Flyer category like in GraphicRiver. The rest that I found are mostly stock photography or stock footage sites.

Is Graphicriver one of a kind for such files? Do you guys know any other sites that I probably miss?

Hi Febby, how are you? According to Forum Rules:

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To prevent further discussion regarding the topic, I’ll go ahead and lock this thread. Thanks for your understanding.