Locked Account, Please unlock

I have tried to get a refund from seller tha wont responder for over a week, please unlock my account.

My account is also locked for no reason. The whole account locked is also one type of breach term with the customer/consumer. If someone has some problem with the item then the team will provide the solution for that where my account is disabled for no reason. Also, I have other assents there and am unable to access them. This is completely against consumer rights.
The author (PixFort) isn’t ready to accept the negative review on the theme (Essential). If someone writes about a glitch or any technical failure the author demands support renewal where the problem is completely from the author’s end.

priyatheme account is locked. Don’t go for Essential Theme by PixFort. The author doesn’t respond when the problem is from their end. They demand support renewal, where the customer does not ask for personal customization support. It’s the theme problem and the author is not trying to understand the technical glitch.

Contact Envato support