LmX Earth Zoom Map Genarator


I just downloaded the earth zoom single kit but the LmX map generator doesn’t work.
When I click on “generate map images” or “advanced” nothing happens.
Then I tried to open the LmX Earth Zoom Map Generator v1.1but when I click on the button “set coordinate” the window where I should Enter a location is empty (see joint file).
I also tried to take the coordinate from google map and put them directly in the LmX map generator but it doesn’t work.
I am a bit desperate. Is there an option that I haven’t clicked to have the LmX map generator work ?
Elsewhere, I think that if the window doesn’t open in LmX Earth Zoom Map Generator v1.1 is because in between my different tries to make the script work out, I created a API key who is blocking my access to the LmX Earth Zoom Map Generator v1.1 and that I can’t turn out.
I’m a bit desperate, have been working

on this for a few hours now…

Did you fix the problem ?
I have the same problem.

I contacted the creator of the effect.
He fixed the problem via teamviewer but I don’t remember what he did exactly.

Can you forward the html file somehow??? transfer by WeTransfer or something…


This template has been updated and is now live.
Better quality map images and easier use.

You can contact me for any problems.

Me too. not working