A customer acquired a Broadcast license 18 months ago. It was constantly blocked by Hawk. So he started harassing me and threatens me with the court. He started to make a slander interpretation of all my products. How do I overcome this problem? I wrote to Envato team. The second time I have this problem.

He made such a comment.

WARNING: I strongly advise against purchasing from this author. Despite buying a broadcasting licence (on one of his samples), I’ve been persistently bombarded with emails from a company called HAWK, a third-party representing this author, claiming I lack usage rights (i’ve purchased a broadcasting license). My numerous requests for clarification have been either ignored or my comments deleted by Envato. As a result, I am now considering legal action against both the author and HAWK due to this discriminatory treatment and lack of response. Let’s see what justice brings. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS AUTHOR
interact-media has not purchased the item.

Broadcast license is for TV, it does not grant special rights for Youtube, that would make the video exempt from ContentID.

Getting a copyright claim is normal process when using copyrighted material. The license is the key to lift such a claim.

If the buyer has some trouble lifting the claim, then you the author can do it for them, but it’s always best to teach them how to do it themselves.

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Hello Ozgurmmp,

Don’t worry about it. Otherwise, on your side, there is no violation; there is not a problem. Envato has customer and author policies. I suggest you always maintain a friendly approach with customers. In case of any questions before replying to a customer, you can always contact Envato for confirmation. Because outside of Envato, going against author and customer policies, don’t make promises, and don’t engage in other discussions with customers.

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From the buyer’s message:

It looks like they’ve been using the music multiple times with the same license. They may wrongly think that a broadcast license is good for more than one end product, which is not.
If that is the case indeed, they are entirely in the wrong, and can only blame themselves for not knowing what they bought.

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Dealing with a situation like this can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to address the issue and protect your reputation. Here are some suggestions:

1) Contact Envato Support:

Since you’ve already contacted the Envato team, continue to follow up with them regarding the issue. Provide them with all relevant details, such as the date of the broadcast license acquisition and any communication you’ve had with the customer.

2) Clarify Usage Rights:

Clearly state the terms of the broadcasting license and emphasize that the customer has the right to use the purchased item for broadcasting purposes. Provide evidence if necessary, such as the license agreement terms.

3) Engage Professionally:

Respond to the customer’s comments in a calm and professional manner. Avoid engaging in heated arguments or confrontations. Address their concerns politely and emphasize your willingness to resolve the issue.

4) Public Response:

If the customer’s comments are visible on a public platform, consider responding publicly to maintain transparency. Politely explain the situation, reiterate the terms of the license, and express your commitment to resolving any misunderstandings.

5) Provide a Resolution:

Offer a resolution to the customer, such as contacting Hawk on their behalf to clarify the situation or providing additional support. Demonstrating your commitment to resolving the issue may help diffuse the situation.

6) Gather Evidence:

Keep a record of all communication with the customer, including emails and any relevant documentation. This may be useful if legal action is pursued, as it provides a clear timeline and evidence of your efforts to address the situation.

Remember to remain professional and objective throughout the process. Engaging in a constructive manner and demonstrating a commitment to resolving the issue can help protect your reputation.


I want to help, but many of them leave bad reviews on my products. I forwarded it to Envato Support Team. I deleted your bad comments. No information for communication, I had to.

I did everything you said. I was kind and polite. I’m very depressed and sad.

Don’t worry about it; you can either read or ask about the broadcast license usage terms. Explain the situation to Envato support, and they will provide accurate information. If there are no mistakes on your end, I suggest you share all communication screenshots with Envato’s team.

Since both you and I are authors selling with Envato licenses and not selling directly, it’s crucial to clarify any misunderstandings by explaining the Envato license terms.

The Envato team will definitely assist you.

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Thanks !

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Now he wants a refund from me. He always comments on my products. He’ll do this all the time. How can I solve this problem with Hawk? What should I do? I don’t know anything about this subject.

First of all: are you the one who registered the music with Identifyy?

If yes, then you have an account on their website. Once logged-in, you access a dashboard. There is a “support” tab, where you can either remove a claim, or generate a claim on a given video. You simply provide the video’s link. That’s how you deal with this yourself.

However, it’s best if the buyer can do it themselves, either by disputing the claim on YouTube, or by filling this form, which should be the quickest way to deal with it. Both ways require providing the license.

You can refer them to this documentation, that explains most of it.

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I could not see the support tab on Identifyy site. I can not find. Thanks !

There are monthly reports. There are links and income.

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It should be there:


Thanks !