License not accepted


So I have purchased a Gwangi template with the extra 6 months support. When I want to receive support I am redirected to the Gwangi forums, an external website. To register I need to fill in the license. When I do, they tell me the license is invalid. How is this possible?

Naturally I would have gone to Gwangi with this question, but since I can’t register, there is no way for me to contact Gwangi…?

So thx for helping.

Hello @Wappiez

I tagged them here, maybe they’ll see and guide you @themosaurus . You can also contact the author using the Comment Section of the item. They will be able to assist:


Thx! It looks like I’m not the only one.

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Hi @Wappiez ,

We’re very sorry for your trouble.

We have just seen that you’ve sent us an email to support[a] with your purchase code.

We will investigate this issue to understand why you haven’t been able to register. In the meantime, our support team will create an account for you.

Thank you.


@MrsEnabled Enabled Thank you so much for tagging us! We’ll do our best to assist.