license codes in plugins

We creating our first plugin and want to sell it on CodeCanyon. tell me please how we can create license codes, which people will activate after they buy our plugin. or it’s not necessery and code canyon allow to do it another way?

Hi @dmitryulyanov,

Author don’t need to do anything for the purchase code. Envato will do it by itself. Envato will attached unique license/purchase code for each purchase/sale.


Excuse me, but if anybody will want to use plugin on several sites? will license/purchase code protect against it?

Hi! You’ll have to build your own solution to this, or use one from the Codecanyon Marketplace (There are items that deal with this functionality). For resources on how to build one, search this forum! Thanks!

We have an ongoing wiki that might help here - How to verify a purchase code using the Envato API