(Envato purchased) Wordpress Plugins Requiring Code Canyon License

Hi guys. Do we have a resolution yet for plugins being offered by Envato without the Code Canyon license that it’s requiring for activation? This is the third consecutive plugin that I’ve searched out, downloaded and installed that is requiring a Code Canyon license in order to use it, with no way of accessing the license from Envato.

Please tell me that there is a part of the process that I’m missing here.
Thanks so much.

Is there a way to exclude venders that require a Code Canyon license for activation in my search on Envato Elements? It feels like I’m playing minesweeper, with no numbers. I’m really trying to make this make sense here…

Contact the item author and inform the issue

Absolutely disappointing response @ki-themes for an issue that is so common. I purchased from Envato… I’m hoping that someone else has found a resolution to this.

You didn’t purchase the item, you downloaded it via the subscription, it’s different.
As I’m volunteer here and it’s not my job or duty to make you happy, the only solution is to purchase the item directly from Marketplace or contact the author about the problem and request help

Elements should not need purchase codes.

You can just ignore any message to enter a code. If the item will not work without a code, please let support know and they will contact the author -

It’s important to be clear if the plugin still works without the purchase code and only certain premium features are restricted eg “auto updates”, support, demo content etc. or if it is entirely disabled without entering a purchase code.

Could you share a screenshot of the message you get requiring code?


Thanks so much for your response @charlie4282 I will look further into this. I really appreciate you!