Lead or quote generating wordpress theme

Is there any author who is willing to make a “true” lead generating Wordpress theme? I do not want a freelancer to work for me instead I want someone to make a wordpress theme for lead generating in some pre-determined niche.

For example I want to host a website where I visitors submit an online expression of interest by simply filling out a brief form. These visitors might be looking for plumbers, electrician, other tradesman or professional services like accountant, lawyers etc.

In this them there will be two types of user registration. Visitors who submit express of interest where they submit leads & tradesman/professional services companies where they list their company information.

Leads will be collected for free so no charges to visitors who submit lead however companies/tradesman will pay for gaining each lead. An example of this sort of website is http://www.quotemytrade.com/ or http://www.mytradequote.com.au/

I know there are heaps of WP gurus and elite WP authors who can easily adapt this sort of theme & can come up with awesome layout, functions & features. This theme can sell like hot cakes & I will be the first person to purchase it.

You ever find anything like this