LayerSliderWP Invalid shortcode

I have downloaded theme from “” which is working find when i am working at local, but when i host, it giving me “[LayerSliderWP] Invalid shortcode”, where slide should be displayed.
Sometimes get the error like “ 403 (Forbidden: header ‘Content-Type’ value denied)” and " 403 (Forbidden: header ‘Content-Type’ value denied)"
Please assist if possible.


Hi Ironroad, welcome to ThemeForest, this is a general open forum. The appropriate support section for this item, if offered, can be found here.

Please follow the instructions provided in the link above to interact directly with the author, where he’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, this thread will also remain open, welcoming any/all feedback from the community, in case someone does have an accurate solution for you. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks and good luck.

I’m having the same issue relating to ‘[LayerSliderWP] Invalid shortcode’ message.This is from a different developer. I have also posted my question in the appropriate forum. Perhaps someone could answer this once and for all - this post comes very high in the search results. For this specific issue.

I changed the hosting of the wordpress site from LINUX server to WINDOW server and its working fine except the image paths, its not showing slides, I think its because of image path as showing localhost in the image path instead of the site url.

Update for me, I was too reliant on using ‘dummy data’ or ‘quick start examples’ - in this case I should have checked how the short code was being generated:

By just recopying the shortcode that WP LayerSlider created in the Plugin, this solved it!