Landing Page Builder

I’d love to find an alternative to my LeadPages landing page builder.

I am already using MailWizz on my server and would love to find a similar landing page builder i will be able to upload to my server as well.

Thank you!


you can try with this page hope your will find your chosen one


Best Page builder forever for your site this one


Have a look here and see if this interests you :slight_smile:

I want to create an additional service for my visitors.
I need to give my site users the opportunity to create their own landing page.
How can this be done using your script?

Hello Nuraliev,

If you are interested in offering our script, or use our script as for your clients to buy it and build their own pages with our script, you will need to buy the extended license from our script.

Best regards.

Hey. I can not get into the admin panel and user panel. How will my users customize this?

@Nuraliev, you need to use the following credentials:

==========||========== How to access ==========||==========

For tests matters you can access through here:
Login: admin
Password: admin

Best regards.