Dear, I have been without a solution for ticket # 2352145 for 9 days. This situation will end my business activities, because in addition to the loss of revenue, my client will apply a contractual penalty and cancel the contract. I ask you for a new Thema to try to minimize my losses and definitely correct the situation. Here is the theme that I see as the most suitable: https://themeforest.net/item/porto-ultimate-responsive-magento-theme/9725864

Unfortunately, only support can help with this. they will not be able to gift other files as they do not own the copyright to do this.

Without knowing what the issue is, no one in the forums will be able to offer detailed insight, but the team will reply ASAP

You are going to break my company.


I am afraid I don’t speak Portuguese so I can’t translate the issue.

What is the problem?

To be clear - if the problem is with the item then you should be contacting the author not envato.