Joining multiple marketplaces?


New AudioJungle user, first post!

I was unable to find information on being a contributor to more than one marketplace. Thought there might be a button in my account, but can’t see one. Do I have to sign up to each marketplace individually? In case it matters, I’m specifically thinking of PhotoDune and VideoHive.

Thank you.

No need for multiple account, just one account to bind them… one account to rule them all.

Hey, thank you for the encouraging reply.

I hate to be thick, but then just how does one go about ‘ruling’ multiple marketplaces? When I click on “upload”, it takes me to AudioJungle, with no apparent way to engage in any other marketplace.


Sorry… Lord of the Rings reference! But if you’re on the VideoHive site, and you go to upload, what happens there? If there’s not an upload button when signed in on the VideoHive site, is there a ‘become an author’ option?

Thank you, Space. Your reply spurred me on to dig further.

If I’m already signed in to AudioJungle, and I go to the VideoHive of PhotoDune sites, I’m taken to the homepage. At top right, there’s the ‘Sign In’ button, as if I’m not already signed in, plus the usual ‘Start Selling’ and other buttons.

If I click the start selling button, it starts the whole sing-up process again.

But what your queries led to try was to click the Sign In button - and, voila, it automatically signed me in to the other sites. Very good. In fact, now that I’ve done that once, I can click on any of the three sites and remain signed in. Excellent.

So now I have two new issues!

  1. Uploading - Once signed in, my username is displayed at top right. Clicking on that shows a drop-down menu. On VideoHive and Audioungle, that menu includes an Upload option. No such option in the menu when signed in to PhotoDune.

  2. Profile - All three, on the Dashboard tell me “fill out your profile so our buyers know who created the items they’re buying…”, and I’d like to do that. But when I click on the 'Take me to my profile" button, the profile editing page that comes up has only a field for avatar upload. There are no other fields to ‘fill out’. Should there be?

I’ve tried on a couple of different browsers just in case it’s a compatibility issue - but it’s not.

Thanks again.

Forgot to mention… Photodune aren’t currently accepting submissions, but will be in the not too distant future. As for the editing of your profile, from what I can tell, you can only edit your profile fully, once you have at least one item live on the site.

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you can only edit your profile fully, once you have at least one item live on the site.
Photodune aren’t currently accepting submissions,

Well, that would explain that, wouldn’t it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for helping out a newb,