Item keep getting rejected

My all items are getting rejected, I have tried submitted 4 items to codecanyon but received the same rejected message, not a single item on codecanyon related to similar concept is available on codecanyon and very rarely and overprice available on web

Rejection reason is “This item has a nice concept, but this isn’t the kind of submission we’re currently looking for. The functionality provided here isn’t really what we think is in demand. I don’t think this item has sales potential or will really click with the user base”, i did the market research before submitting item to codecanyon and market is huge, I know a few company who into similar type of business and they are making sale of 5000-7000 each month of only this category item, they also sell the item for 600-800 range while I only listed for 200 USD, can you guys please guide what is getting wrong

Without seeing or understanding what it is you submitted it’s very hard to advise.

That said - market suitability is an important consideration for any new item.

Can you share links to the other successful examples you referenced above?

No respectable companies are going to be looking on a stock marketplace with items for under $500 for solutions to some problems.

We’ve seen POS, CRM, medical related software which has been rejected - there’s just no way (regardless of how good many authors are) that:
A) something costing $500 can do what purpose built tools costing 5 X they per month, can
B) that authors have the support capacity
C) that authors would ever be approved by any procurement or legal department to handle confidential data etc.

Envato is amazing for the right kind of items and buyers, but there are limitations on what those look like.

Thank you for reply,

Application have similar concept like this

There’s no api or third party service used in application or admin other than firebase(for notifications only) also otp verification is optional and can be controlled by admin,

There’s not even a single application like this on codecanyon and market for such applications are hue, We are offering more features than coemptions and charging 30% of what they are charging, We are trying to create a suite of product for web, app and other extensions

I was used to work in companies who was working on such products and their monthly sale for such products are than 5000+ USD and they are not the only one who are doing this and very far from being the best seller in particular so you can assume how much of market this is, but codecanyon still think this item don’t have sale potential also it become more strange that not only the single product is listed on codecanyon similar to this

Please help me out, we already invested a lot on this, probably more than 10000 USD in development alone already created all the products related to this, if this does not work we might be in big trouble

While I’m not familiar with the game it looks like it could/would be classified as gambling which envato will never endorse and makes sense as to why they don’t think it is suitable for the marketplace.

it’s not related to that, and do you think it could be reason for rejection that reviewer is not familiar with the concept ?

It’s hard to comment for the project that you’re not willing to share. They have explained it very well, situation that whatever you’re submitting is not a template. It sounds like a personal project that has a good idea but not as template.

Aside from the main point raised by @ki-themes - if yours is also related to the same or a similar game as the example you shared above then that’s gambling and won’t get approved regardless of how good it is.