Item got rejected

Hi there,

my item got rejected twice. It’s a christmas / advent calendar which I actually tried to hand in last year already. However last year I admit that I made hectic mistakes (most of all I forgot the documentation) and further there were a few bugs and compatibilty issues with IE. This year, I really overworked the plugin, restructed the code (I really tried everything to make everything what is considered best practise), I also checked all browsers (IE9 and up), renamed the item and made major changes to the features and removed unnecessary things. I was really desperate that the item get’s through but again it was rejected with no feedback! What a bummer ;-(

Here is the demo:

Can anybody give me tipps or feedback?
I’d also be happy to share the code.

I know its not possible to re-submit, but what if I make major changes?

This is the feedback I got:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “SantaPress - WordPress Advent Calendar Plugin” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Thanks to all!


Here are the docs:

Hey there,

If they hard-rejected it - you cannot resubmit it unless you make major visual and backend changes. Make sure your code followed the guidelines.

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Thank you! Actually I would say that my code follows the guidelines. It’s all object oriented based on a plugin boilerplate, and I have no errors or warnings in the log etc. One thing I am thinking of: I do make use of two third party “plugins”. One is ACF Pro (where ACF is allowed for using it in commerical plugins), the other one is jQuery Modal (for the modal window in the frontend which is released unter MIT license and therefor should also be ok I would say - also I pointed that out in the documentation). Everything else is fairly good structured I would say. Do you think ACF can be a reason for hard-rejection?
Or maybe it’s a lack of features? (BUT I think I have plenty features already)

Also I’d be interested in your first intent, is there any thing graphically wise that you think is not enough of quality? Please be honest, I can live with it. :wink: