Is there any connection between activity and product sale... ?

I was expecting for some good sale at least. but disappointed. :frowning: right now have some logos in my portfolio only. but only just few sale… come on… ! So i m hoping for some good feedback from yours. For your information i was inactive for few months and didn’t submit any items recently… Question is… Do i have to active here daily for selling more of my items… ? Is there any connection between activity and sale… ? Any other advice… ? Thank you. :blush:

hi, i do not think there is any connection between activity on site.

Activity on forum: it won’t affect your sales at all
Activity on uploading new item(s) regularly: surely affect your sales

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Especially now with the forums being all wonky. And there’s literally no connection to your products from your profile here.

Only if you don’t add links to your portfolio in your profile :wink:

Thanks for your opinion. :blush: