Is there a plugin or theme that allows both LTR and RTL (Arabic and English) in the same post?

I am developing a site in English and Arabic/Persian.

Is there a plug-in or a special theme that supports switching between left to right and right to left TXT in the same page or in the same post?

I am not looking for a plug-in that switches the entire page or site between languages.

No, there’s not. You need to use third party software that usually refresh the page.

Thanks for replying…but I don’t really understand what you mean by third party software that refreshes the page. Can you give me a link? I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been looking all day and haven’t found the right plugin.

You can buy a theme with rtl and if you want multilanguage you can install polylag plugin.

Also is easy to transform a theme that is not rtl to rtl, you can search in Google hot to transform a theme to rtl.

To change rtl to ltl you can use menu link


Or you can hire someone to do it for you.


Thank you so much! That is very helpful, indeed. I’ll check all of this information out. I appreciate your time.

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